Tuesday, December 7, 2010


         Instead of throwing used straws from gatherings or occasions, you can utilize it to make a very creative work of art that symbolizes the yuletide season -- a Christmas Lantern.

Used straw
Stapler and staples
Old scratch papers
or News Papers
     1. First thing to do is to wash the used straws ( it might be dirty).

     2. Then next is to cut the straws into these sizes;
             -Original size (approximately 10 inches): 40 pcs
             -Half of the original size crosswise (approximately 5 inches): 10 pcs
             -One fourth (approximately 2.5 inches): 10 pcs

     3. Connect the ends of the 10" straw to form a star shape using the stapler. (it will require 10 straws.) Then Make Another one.

     4. Connect the 2 star shapes you've made so to make a double layer.

     5. Now staple the Half size straws as in the picture and then the 1/4 size straws in the front and back

     6. Then attach the 10" straws at the middle of each side as seen on the picture.

     7. Next is to cut off five shorts straws of equal sizes from the remaining straws that you have.(about 2 inches). It will be used as the braces which will make the lantern look inflated. Place them on the corners of the pentagon shape formed inside the star. you can do this by using the stapler.

    8. It is almost finished. But still you can add some more designs on your lantern. You can add a decoration tail out of the old news papers or scratch papers.
       * get a paper, Fold it into 1/4, then fold it diagonally forming a triangle.
       * next is to cut it alternately from each opposite sides (just leave a little space before it is thoroughly cut).
       * open it then reverse it so that you can see the pattern of the tail.

Just attach it to your Lantern and now it is completed.


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